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Rule Breakers

In the sports arena, a new era has dawned.

From athletes, administrators and marketers to journalists, agents and owners, women are making a name for themselves as trailblazers, influencers and decision makers in the world of sports.

With Rule Breakers, The Shadow League's newest podcast, sports journalists Anya Alvarez and Adele Jackson-Gibson speak with these inspirational, trailblazing women who are creating positive change in both sports and society.

With a growing roster of guests featuring leaders such as U.S. National Soccer team gold medalist/sportscaster Aly Wagner, WNBA Champion Swin Cash, MLB Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Renee Tirado, CIAA Commissioner Jacqie McWilliams and Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero, Rule Breakers is the home for women leading the fight for change in sports.

Come break some rules with us!

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Arrow Living with Kendall Johnson*

I spoke with Utah Royals' soccer player Kendall Johnson about my time in Japan, my soccer journey and my philosophy on life. Click this link to listen!

The decision by alex kapelman*

On this show, I speak with reporter Alex Kapelman about why he should give up the Knicks, and perhaps the NBA entirely, and watch the WNBA. These women are pushing the envelope in so many ways. And if you get VIP tix, it's all you can eat.

Self-Written and Produced

Why chinese international jennifer wu sacrificed everything for USA table tennis

Jennifer Wu first started out playing table tennis because her mom thought she had bad eyesight. "Maybe it would help my daughter see bette," she thought. Though what initially started as a homeopathic remedy turned into a longing passion for Jennifer—one that pushed her to move to the United States to fulfill her burning desire to become an Olympian. (Produced for Excelle Sports 2016)


how wrestler adeline gray redefines feminine

American wrestler Adeline Gray is the No. 1 wrestler in the world. At 25-years-old she could be the first American woman to win gold in her event. Though all of her life she's been comfortable with wrestling with boys, she hasn't always been comfortable in her own skin. Now Gray seeks to "redefine feminine" and teach other girls to do the same. (Produced for Excelle Sports 2016)


Nzingha Prescod on fighting for gold and diversity in fencing

Brooklyn native Nzingha Prescod was the first African American woman to medal at World Championships. She's headed to the Rio Olympics this summer and wants to earn that gold medal. Along the way she is inspiring young girls to try a sport that hasn't had the most diverse representation. Excelle Sports spent a day with Prescod and learned what it was like to be an American fencer. (Produced for Excelle Sports 2016)


The secret pain of ballet

Ballerinas are serious athletes that deal with serious injuries. Meet  Caroline and Katie from the American Ballet Theatre who share their stories of overcoming through strength training (and boxing?). One of these ballerinas is trying to recover from an injury that may stifle her career. (Produced at NYU J-School 2016)


happy valentine's day: What's your deal-breaker?

It's Valentine’s Day everybody! Tonight's the night that people go on special dates with either long-time lovers or people they've never met before. If you're still on the prowl, still looking for your ideal mate, what would be a deal-breaker for you? Maybe this man-on-the-street survey could jog some ideas. You have standards. I know this. (Produced at NYU J-School 2016)


Maybe there is something to this

Before I dive head into my first beauty pageant, I consult my old high school track coach, who surprisingly used to M.C. Miss America shows back in the day. There might be something to these girly, glittery charades after all. (Produced for Girl Under Cover Up 2016)

WHat Makes a Woman Handsome?

Nowadays, if the lady is “physically attractive” she’s typically labeled as beautiful, pretty or sexy. But did you know that back in the day attractive women used to be called handsome just like the men? I wanted to know how modern day people felt about that, so I asked them: "What is a handsome woman to you?” (Produced for Girl Under Cover Up 2016)



A day-in-the-life radio diary from the time I tore my ACL. (Produced in senior elective at Yale University 2013)


Well grounded: Making one's way through Family Tradition

Pacific Giordano sells gravestones for a living because that's what the Giodano’s do: help people honor the dead. But as a young kid, Pacific wanted to break the family mold and pursue another career. And he did. Until one unsettling incident brought him back to the graves. (Produced in senior elective at Yale University 2013)



I tell the story of the time I taught one cheeky Japanese student named Daisuke and the time I sang about my pubic hair. (Produced in senior elective at Yale University 2013)