A.J. Gibson

Writer, Producer, Model, Athlete

Adele 2.jpg

Adele Jackson-Gibson, 27, has two last names and a lot of nicknames. A.J. is not one of them, but today she decided to make it so because “rebranding” is in nowadays, and she often has to buy men’s running shoes.

Better to have a gender-neutral name to fit her sole.

Right now, Adele is a prolific writer, podcast producer, BMG Model and CrossFit coach residing in NYC. She graduated with a Master’s degree in journalism from NYU and a bachelor’s in French Literature from Yale. She played soccer and ran track through college then spent a year teaching English in Japan. She's currently a freelance journalist who's work has been featured on The Players' Tribune, Teen Vogue, Excelle Sports, Sports Illustrated's The Cauldron and Jet Magazine. She's also the co-host of a badass podcast called Rule Breakers, where she and her partner Anya Alvarez interview some of the most happenin’ women in sports.

Since moving to NYC in 2015, she’s developed a large portfolio of clips dedicated to women’s sports and fitness. She enjoys empowering women any way she can. That's why she loves CrossFit: It's the fitness craze where strong girls reign, scream, swear and throw heavy weights.

Look out!

Adele likes cats and hot earl grey tea with almond milk, little sugar. Her Japanese is a bit rusty at the moment, but there's a chance she can translate your Kanji tattoo. She likes to read Tintin comics in French and she wants nothing but to be healthy and spiritually sound, to travel the world and tell other people's stories as well as her own.

Adele is here at your service for writing, editing and maybe juuuust maybe some personal training.

(She's high in demand right now).